Since it’s my birthday week, I’m here to say hi and share with you what is on my mind. I celebrated my birthday in quarantine, with few close friends who decided to surprise me in two amazing ways. Both of them are documented in my YouTube channel.

I am here to also remind you that whatever you are going through, you are not alone. Sanitize, wash your hands, keep distance and if possible stay home.

Here are my twenty six thoughts on my birthday…

1. I just turned 26years
2. Netflix should allow Mpesa payments
3. I’ve been meaning to update my About page on website, but that would mean I’d have to read what’s currently there. I’m not prepared to do that.
4. Tweets that have poor grammar and punctuation are more likely to go viral.
5. The ferry ramp walk is the best exercise for those who don’t want to work out.
6. The moon rotates faster nowadays
7. The 90s babies are always the coolest and big babies
8. Songs, specifically rnbs released in the 2000 era are the best
9. If you don’t discover your talent during this period you are lazy.
10. Electronics are cheaper than furniture
11. For the past two years, it didn’t rain in April.
12. It’s all about what you eat and your eating habit
13. Check up on others
14. Tiktok is the busiest App during covid19 period
15. I still don’t own a full black DRESS
16. Internet should be given free by the government as we work from home
17. Filming a cooking/recipe video is an extreme sport
18. I have to apply jam on top of blueband
19. Sanitary towels should be given for free like condoms
20. Who will be the first baby to grow up and reject the Instagram account their parents made for them?
21. Library books have alot of germs.
22. The middle of the night goes by so much quicker than the middle of the day.
23. Curry powder has never rebranded
24. Media is the only career that never go on pause. Even during a global pandemic attack.
25. I have a writing platform, active YouTube channel and a new podcast account. Subscribe
26. Do you like this information?

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