Dear people of my origin, I will not lie to y’all and say 2017 has been good, just because it ended so well Noooo. 2017 has been bad, so bad I had to write about it. its said the worst thing that can happen to you is to go through a rough patch and come out with just regrets; no lessons learnt, no progress and no growth, just regrets.
My 2017 was almost like my 2013, full of drama, weird and crazy dramas, different twists in each of course. Ouh,have I ever told you how I held onto a falling branch of a tree back in 2013 ? Hehee, well thats a story for another day, I promise. Last year, I almost became a husband snatcher (at this moment I am laughing so hard about it), I didnt plan for it but this guy wanted to leave his wife for me. I had to act dead for him to let go Hahahahahaahha.
I got my heart broken for the first time in four years. Wow those things sting. It felt as though I was living in a horror movie, trying and failing and failing to try to put back together the pieces of my broken heart. Now, I find it funny coz I’m over it. My heart got broken in so many other ways, including but not limited to missing my university results. After a year of waiting patiently, I knew I wouldn’t graduate again. I had already given up on everything. Ever tasted the cocktail of being jobless and lonely? Being broke and desperate? How sweet was it? Now imagine me. The “nothing to do, nowhere to go” situation. Too foreign for here, too foreign for home, never belonged anywhere. We moved into to a worse new house and it was all God’s tests. I got to a point where I said, “Lord I think I’ve done my part. I will only pray now and let your will be done. After all, what else can I do? ”
But God is good ain’t He?
In as much as I say 2017 was bad, my intention is also to write the good things and salute the whole year. Towards the end of the year where anyone would’ve given up, I got to be interviewed by the Nation media newspaper and I was so happy to be featured in their Swahili paper, Taifa Leo. It lit up my world and gave me hope.It was just one of the reasons I learnt to smile again after almost two months of gloom. The interview was by a recommendation from an old friend who had zero idea of what was going on in my life. She was sent to me by Allah to brighten my day. At least that whole week. Salma Abdulatif, I cant thank you enough.

Taifa Leo front page

I featured on a whole page, though it contained some misinformation towards the end about the publisher of the book, “THE FEMINISTS IN US” It is by Nadia Naddy when you read it clearly.

One night, while I was deep asleep I received a call from a person I haven’t talked to for like 2years ,which I was to ignore, [I swear if it were an ordinary friend among the ones I talk to everyday, I’d ignore the call and wait for them to call again the following day]. I had a feeling what it related to so I went ahead and picked it up. She just told me she saw my name in the graduation list. I haven’t shared with you my graduation photos— sorry—see now how confusing 2017 was? When she told me that I first smiled then sighed. Back in my head I said, “couldn’t she have waited for morning?” anyways, good news never wait. Thank you Nuru for not waiting till morning to tell me the exciting news. God knows I needed some positivity that night. The holding on, keeping on, praying on, having hopes and patience was all paying off at once.

This is my real face oooouh

Meet Nuru, on my right with a purple scarf. (thank you hun) and Rahil on my left with an off white turban. Congratulations to both of you too

My little blood brother was my photographer of the day. My soul brother in the middle. My all time confidant

Daddy was tryna direct the photographer. Need I say more? Man’s not hot

I swear this one was scripted

Bestfren back then.

My sister Faith. My work mate and everything nice

Outfit Of the day

“mama, I made it “
“congratulations baby”

Cake by Habiba.

Towards the end of the year, one morning as I was on my way to Swahilipot with the usual two hundred shillings in my wallet ,my phone kept on disturbing me with calls from a sister we rarely talk. I swear I have learnt to stop ignoring calls from people I rarely talk to. They all only call on good news. She just asked me “where you at? ”
“fort Jesus ”
“did you get a job? ”
“Not yet”
“send me your cv”
…..baaaang!…. No editing, no going through. Come what may. After exactly 48hours she calls again and I almost let it go to voice mail because I expected she had read my cv and was now either correcting me or telling me to redo the whole thing, which at that point I wasn’t interested in. I was psychologically prepared to avoid her for the rest of that year.
“Shufaa, still sleeping?”
“no, I’m up. I’m actually already out sunbathing “( hehehe sun bathing where?! Prisss)
“I need you to come for an interview before 11am”
“okay, I’ll be there in less than an hour ”
11am seemed so far but I knew if I delayed I’d have changed my mind on going. I am usually that serious about matters. Very few things matter to me. That was Thursday and by Monday I was on someone’s payroll. Thank you ma’am. Two weeks later, I’m out and about on other new levels. Misfortunes came in marathons but good fortunes came in groups singing out loud.
Aren’t we done? What are y’all waiting for? The engagement news? Heheheheeh. Got engaged by my part time job I’m yet to brand. Coming soon.

This is a congratulations cake gifted by my goddaughter Nuu 😍

Thank you Nuu 😍

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  1. Anna says:

    A great read and very engaging. All the best and congratulations

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    Ooh am still waiting for the engagement news😜

  3. Mohammed Mwaruwa says:

    Nice read.Keep it up

  4. Director says:

    Hillarious, real expressed in good writing skills

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    I am in love with this. I’ve read it almost the tenth time

  6. Chavin Luxon says:

    Twangoja writing nyingine jamaniii

  7. farida says:

    2017 thing real interesting . when will I read about 2013?

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    Make a more new posts please πŸ™‚

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