The month that I was born is over. My birthday was on 6April and I couldn’t just post this. Today AlhamduliLlah, I am twenty four years and I would love to share twenty four lessons I have leant in those years. Majorly, most of the lessons I experienced Last year and I realised I have they were all tests and trials. Here are just twenty four of them.

1. Keep on praying. They all get answered, even if not all at your expected time.
2. Do it for you. In as much as it doesn’t disobey your God, DO IT.
3. Be grateful. Always. I have realised sometimes when you are thankful it adds up.
4. Take caution. Be careful in everything you do, do not be too comfortable at a place or with a person.
5. Be optimistic. Do not fear failure and do not think negatively. Whatever it is, go for it.
6. DO NOT LIE. Even in jokes, try to put some truth in it and if it is not necessary do not say it at all. Best statement I live by from 2015 to 2018 “we love your honesty” no matter how worse it is, say it as it is.
7. Be a good listener. You do not know when you will also need an ear to listen to you.
8. Do not refuse! At least make an excuse. A true one 😉
9. Meet new people! Make new friends! Network!!!!
10. Read! Find time. Even if it is 200 words a day.
11. Do not work too hard to forget your health. REST! when you have to. EAT! And SMILE a little bit more.
12. Get out of your comfort zone. Take risks, try out new things.
13. Do not despair when things don’t work out. Say AlhamduliLlah and move on. Not everything is for you.
14. GIVE!!!! Whenever you have, just give. Sometime, you will need and the same people will give you too. One thing, do not expect anything in return.
15. SAVE MONEY! I am not an expert yet in saving, but I have learned that I need to. Grass is not always green.
16. Mind your own business.
17. Learn to omit whatever disturbs your mind, health, and soul. Do not hold on to a falling branch of a tree.
18. Have fun when you have to 😍. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Life is short.
19. Be patient. God’s time is the best.
20. Give credit where it is due. Compliment each other.
21. Ever heard of moral support? That’s the spirit 💪
22. Hold on, Karma is real.
23. Stay with your progress. If it is not an achievement, do not advertise it. Not everyone is happy for you.
24. After God, your immediate family. Keep them closer. This is the year my brother and I became close friends.

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  1. Tarim says:

    I love this,imagine am doing almost 3/4 of it thnkas Shufaa,you really are an inspiration 😘😍🌹

  2. Blaise says:

    inspiration at its best from you. Nice article.

  3. Hassan says:

    I have learnt alot. Thank you very much for this. 😊😊

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