As a feminist, i decided that on valentines i would take you out for dinner, maybe surprise you or cook you your best meal. I would call you at 5pm and ask you to stay indoors, that there is an attack in the neighborhood and you SHOULD NOT go out. Just because you always say you care, i knew you’ll obey. I had planned to come along with the new pair of white linen trouser and shirt, and a pair of white open shoes, because white is not a color. You have no favorite color.

I texted you at 4pm to confirm your location, then was to proceed to shopping, get you the new outfit and ingredients to cook you your favorite meal. You immediately changed you mind and said, “i will be out with the boys, we are having a get together and there is a football match we had planned to watch together, sorry babe i forgot to tell you earlier but we can meet even tomorrow. I’m so sorry i promise I’ll make it up to you”
Guess what? I sat down on my bed for all the minutes an hour can have, thought about how that evening was going to be long then my conscience reminded me that I am my own garden and i have to water my own flowers for them to grow. Nobody is going to take care of a flower which doesn’t grow in his garden. I stood up and dressed up, partially heartbroken but i managed to collect all the pieces of fallen esteem packed them into my personality and decided to treat me.

I masked my face, winged my liner, wore my favorite liquid matte lipstick and my single sole black heel to complete my outfit. I packed my notebook, pen, pencil, sketchbook, and took myself out on a date. I engaged myself in a deep relationship with my pen and notebook and wrote all this. I am my hero. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY TO ME and all other ladies who are their own and other people’s hero!.

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