I know i said I had never been a fan of series or movies. The only series I ever fully watched was Larevancha. In 2010, a spanish series called elclone really got me fascinated. From the way they dressed, the environments, and culture etc. All that, to me looked like Morocco. It was all I could imagine about morocco before i knew how or why I should google. In my head, Morroco was more of a cultural festive season in old town of Mombasa or Lamu. Till today, i have never known what it really looks like but trust me, i have that in my travel bucket list. Maybe my honeymoon. In shaa Allah.
When I heard of Shangazi Morrocan hammam spa in Mombasa I was so excited. I knew i could have a test of Morroco even if it’s from far. Maybe their music, food etc but its just a spa 😅😅. I stopped overthinking. A morrocan hammam consists of a bathhouse (dry and steamed) to cleans one’s heart and soul, according to the ritual, perfomed by someone else. Shangazi Morrocan hammam spa does this in a modern way.

What to expect in a morrocan hammam spa.

  • Hot steamy room to sweat away all body’s impurity.
  • Bathing room to get the traditional hammam treatment i.e scrub.
  • Resting room to have mint tea and relax.
  • Massage room to really relieve you of all remaining stress and worry

Upon entering the hammam spa you’ll get a bathrobe, a mat to lie on, some clay soap, and exfoliating gloves for the scrub (which will be done to you) and you essentially clean and exfoliate yourself in large steam rooms among everyone else. Treatments vary but the general process is that you first sit in a steam room, then you’re rinsed, exfoliated/scrubbed, and massaged. Here are all the details of my experience. One thing i loved about Shangazi Morrocan hammam spa is that i didn’t have to carry anything. (except for makeup) if you cannot walk without. They give you a bathrobe, flipflops, paper underwaer, towel and hairbrushes. Mine included a salon treatement and head massage so i didn’t have to use a hair brush on my own. Guess i was lucky.

Immediately I got in I was told to remove my shoes (which might sound scary for those who are not used to) at the entrance, and was given beautiful girly flipflops. At the waiting lounge the receptionist immediately gave me a jar of water as they did my hair. Later on, i was taken to a room full of lockers, handed a bathrobe then was asked to remove all my clothes before I went to the steambath room. At first I was kinda nervous but then I was all alone so i handled it. I sat in the steaming room for about twenty minutes.
I was then asked to lay on a marble slab where the attendant applied a pink-ish paste which she called clay, and left me sitted for like twenty other minutes before she asked me to go and rinse it. She immediately came in with the scrubbing gloves and was very gentle. She said “alert me when it’s too harsh” Trust me, it was the sweetest kind of irritation you’ll get of your skin. I believe all the toxic skin was out . I finally was led to the shower, where I completely showered off all my twenty five year old skin down to trash. I was handed my bathrobe and directed to the massage room. This room was heaven. Dim light, cool/soft music, warm bed and the massuse. I was made to relax for more than a half an hour as the lady played around with my joints and bones. I wished I could stay there forever but i couldn’t. One thing i didn’t like though, the massage room’s window was adjacent to the road so before my brain decided to relax, the noise from the hooting was really distracting. I couln’t meditate immediately. Finally it was all done and the lady asked if i woyld love to resr more. I swear i really wished i could. I was fetting late so i headed back to the rest room, where a kettle full of morrocan mint tea was waiting for me. Finally, i concluded that i was happy I experienced a Moroccan hammam, and i’d definitely go back again.

It is located at Reena Plaza in Mtwapa , National Bank building
1st Floor.
Prices range between ksh 2500 to ksh 6000 depending on the package.Be sure to check more on their facebook page.

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