Accordng to dictionaries, jewelleries are articles of gold, silver, precious stones, etc., for personal adornment, such as necklaces or cuff links,including those of base metals, glass, plastic, or the likes

My pretty heads tells me, it is anything that a accessories a person either from wool, rope, iron, beads, shells tires etc. In modesty we say your jewellery is how you carry out yourself. How you relate to others or how you present yourself in front of others. Also categorised in either beautiful or other descriptions of it.
In reality we wear jewelleries for self adornment across space and time, across religions, culture and gender.

The need for jewellery ranks somewhere among social needs pertain to te need for one to belong to a group and esteem needs pertain to one’s dessire for recognition and for status. jewellery is clearly middling need. it isnot an essential as phsychological well-being-for food, water or sex-but neither it’s explicictly a part of something as lateral as self actualisation. jewellery act as an agent of personality. we identify with it like birthstones. we become animistic with our jewellery; it is difficult not to derive from it a personality, a soul. the personality of the stone becomes a apoint of self identification. if ruby symbolises passion, if amethyst symbolises soberity, then we may feel these characteristics asserted in ourselves by wearing them, and as such, we have have the reinforcement of esteem, of ego.
to become an individual we muststand out from the herd. the rare the jewel we poses, the more unique we are. the less common the jewel , the more appeal it has to humans. indeed, for a jewel to be valuable it only needs to be perceived as rare.
A good example is diamond-in essence the same as the graphite in a pencil-which is not so much as rare as it is tightly regulated by the diamond industry.In terms of base shows of wealth,jewelry is something that monarchs,pharaohs,empresses,and emperors could occupy themselves with.
An assertion of their wealth andof their status.As the living standards of the average person in many societies have improved that there is less worry of food and shelter -i.e the physiological needs-people find themselves,like kings seeking out jewelry as a sign of status.

You should watch models rock all kind of  jewelleries as they showcase and sell. That way, you will be able to identify your type.

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