Marriage is a sacred act that brings two people close to Allah hence completing half their deen. Allah says, in 24:32] You shall encourage those of you who are single to get married. They may marry the righteous among your male and female servants, if they are poor. GOD will enrich them from His grace. GOD is Bounteous, Knower. This ayah is a message to reduce immorality.


I am not an expert in anything but what i will talk about in this blog is my personal opinion based on the Quran. In case I go wrong I will appreciate your correction and Allah knows best. According to the book, a muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non muslim man and it is clearly stated in the Quran.


“Do not marry unbelieving women (idolaters), until they believe: A slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman, even though she allures you. Nor marry (your girls) to unbelievers until they believe: A man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever, even though he allures you. Unbelievers do (but) beckon you to the Fire. But Allah beckons by His Grace to the Garden (of bliss) and forgiveness, and makes His Signs clear to mankind: That they may celebrate His praise.”  (Al-Qur’an, 2:221)


In this ayah, we see that it is clearly stated and given examples of social statuses, however, muslim men have been permitted to marry non muslim women in another ayah,


These days are (all) good things made lawful for you. The food of those who have received the Scripture is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them. And so are the virtuous women of the believers and the virtuous women of those who received the Scripture before you (lawful for you) when ye give them their marriage portions and live with them in honor, not in fornication, nor taking them as secret concubines. Whoso denieth the faith, his work is vain and he will be among the losers in the Hereafter. (Al-Qur’an, 5:5)


I have never wanted to question this but if you feel like you need to know more kindly do your research or just inform me in the comment section i am willing to help out.


In my personal opinion and interest, I have been approached by at least three men who asked for my hand in marriage but i merely refused because i saw no future. First of all Allah has refused. One of them said, we can marry and still live together in separate religions. Isn’t marriage the only thing that allows two people who aren’t from one family to share everything? How can we share all our feelings except a spiritual feeling?Everyone prefers theirs and that is where that marriage is no longer a union. You cannot be partially united. It is said, when two souls connect they become one so what belief is “our house” living by? Can us, as couples be anybody’s role model? Beginning with our children.


I would obviously want my kid to go to madrasa and the man would probably say okay just to please me but what happens when the kid refuses to perform salah one day because daddy isn’t? Am I going to punish them without giving them an explanation? What happens when its ramadan and ìm fasting and hubby wants lunch? I love cooking probably because i love him but wont it tempt me to eat? Since no one is seeing me ? And finally, what happens when we need a male figure as a role model to a religious matter in the house, who do we go to? Allah says men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has made one of them to excel the other.


I am not here to judge anyone because I am not Allah. These are personal opinions. I also know that the Qur’an severely blames whoever would speak on religious matters without knowledge, as Allah says in surah al-Najm,


They have no knowledge of it whatsoever: they follow opinion, and opinion avails nothing in place of the Truth (Qur’an 53:28).


That is why I have shared the little that I knew in the beginning, before giving my opinions. This question has been asked by many people that’s why I’m here to answer it and what I feel about it. So yeah, i cant marry a non muslim. May you all be blessed in making your decisions. Ameen

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