“Social media can push you to create a character that isn’t the real you… you find empty brains running pseudo accounts and clapping at your stupid moves…. they cheer you on and encourage you to be dumb… in the real sense you’re just a broken and lonely soul…” The celeb chronicles

No one will ever tell you how social media is slowly ruining your life by misleading you. You think you’re gaining fame by spreading rumors and being in everyone’s mouth. I have known you since grade one and I do not feel good seeing you waiting for an opportunity to rob my business and cause chaos. Let us not blame poverty and let politics not lead you to violence. You can never throw bad word to a friend in social media then pretend to know them too much in real life. There is no job like war job. We all are blessed with hands and legs AlhamduliLlah so find something to do. Halal earnings. We all have talents if you do not know yours find it.

I understand how difficult life is for most of us especially the youth but we cannot use poverty as an excuse for violence. Just because politicians give us few notes everyday. We are surrounded by hatred and anger is what we breath.

This election period, let not the difference in our tribes decide us.  We are a nation and that is why we are worshiping one great God. Let us practice democracy. This is where we try our level best to elect our preferred candidate and accept all kind of results. This should not be the reason for all of us to fight. People who are spreading hatred through social media remember social media was there before you and you will just leave it there when you die. And just so you know, it is always updating itself.

We are getting to the month of elections. You and I are siblings and we’ve known each other for quite longer than that guy who is sending you to cause violence. You are still young you have a future to think of and think of your life after this period, what you want for a long term and not only for these 8 remaining days. We will kill our mothers and children because they are weaker compared to men. We will destroy our workplaces and markets, our roads, and the whole county/county will be under curfew. Where is the establishment we’ve always wanted for our place? We are the leaders of tomorrow? Think of it, after all those people we’ve killed are gone, what next? What will happen when the whole nation is gone and you are all alone?
I don’t know how many of us will put this into consideration but I hope all of you are feeling what i’m feeling.
I am praying no one is planning to start any kind of noise and whoever is, May Allah guide you to the right path.

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  1. Wrne says:

    Nice article swthert ❤ Kenya is bigger than all of us we must know that ..

  2. Hawa Abuu says:

    ???Maneno Mazuri sana na mazito Yenye Faida kwa maisha ya kila Binadamu,Uchaguzi uwe wa Amani In shaa Allah.

  3. Yusuf Abdallah says:

    Nice piece ….its encouraging and seeing more youths preaching peace than days before.Lets not be seperated… after elections i believe we will go back to our normal houses and continue to leave our life.No one is entitled to change our lives except by doing it by our selves.Lets use the small we hav to get whatever we need …youths lets remain focused election is a seasoned activity …what about your freind neighbours…..they were their before and they be after after elections…….Shuffah …..keep it up the message..

  4. Senior the poet says:

    Nice message there,keep up the good work.let you pen never fade with ink,let the whole nation know the true meaning of loving one another despite the tribe,the religion…. good piece manze.

  5. Hassan Farouk says:

    I am impressed with how you are exposing them. They masquerade the social media for fame. well done. let’s try to share it and gets where it should be.

  6. Alula says:

    Preach mama preach! We only have one Kenya, ket no1 deatroy it

  7. Quality Manifest says:

    Great observations and speculations, Elections is not the only primary cause of violence, it runs deep to the ego. Seeing that your better than the other. Ego can also make you see yourself less than the other. Ego feeds on fear and can feed on causing fear, I mean threatening.

    Its hard to regenerate the DNA of ego since it has thousands of years, generations of ancestors to us.

    But one thing we can do is identify it. Yes there is the you, the self and the concept. At whatever point you realize that you want yo make the other party feel inferior that’s ego. Whenever you are aroused to jealousy by someone that’s ego. Its OK to have those feelings but don’t act upon then.

    Rethink first.

  8. Logout says:

    The piece tackles the virtual side of life that youths deny to be influenced with, it has the right articulation of real deal situations that mirrow our characteristics, thanks for bleeding this wise words through the pen.

  9. Emilly says:

    Awesome message Shufaa! People should read this. I AM KENYAN, AND THAT’S MY TRIBE!!

  10. This is simply amazing…something I tend to think everyone and not just Kenyans should be aware of. It’s beautiful.♥♥??♥♥

  11. Designer . Designs says:

    Keep up the Good work Shufaa..
    Peace Above All 🙂

  12. Mustafa says:

    Great thought.
    Nice piece. Our diversity is a blessing.
    One Kenya. One Love

  13. Judy says:

    Well said Shufs. We need each other now and tomorrow.
    We are the voice of this society.

  14. Dalilah says:

    You are my best mamaa…keep up the good work???
    I love love love love love this

  15. Robert says:

    Inspiring words indeed. We are one. Let us all vote in peace and remember that life must continue whether our favourite leaders are elected or not. This is the element of democracy. I choose peace.

  16. Jack says:

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  17. Molla says:

    Always on point.
    Sharing this.

  18. Twali says:

    Perfect message at a perfect timing! Thank you so much for sharing!

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