Ouh hey everyone!!!! Been a while hasn’t it??? Missed you too here. So here I am.Uhm, happy new year to you all. I know according to the title somebody already has a rough idea how bad my 2017 is…. Oh noooo. It shouldn’t be about me all the time. I am doing quite well and my year is greater as it goes. 

“Now I know some of you are now expecting me to tell you what my resolutions for 2017 are, I mean THIS is my year right? Forget about all the others; THIS YEAR is the one that counts?!
Well sorry to disappoint you, but I stopped making New Years resolutions when one year on one random day in mid-July I decided to stop biting my nails and I did.
No fireworks, no national anthem or big hoo-haa, I just stopped. For so many years THAT was my resolution, my promise to myself. Not only is nail-biting a filthy habit but it is a nervous one too, but for some reason I couldn’t quite kick-it. Every year I would swear to myself that I would quit.. put the fingers down. And every year I would fail.
Now maybe I wasn’t ready to stop, maybe all those times before the random mid- July breakthrough were premature hopes, mere dreams, and I was finally able to stop chewing on my nails because the tie was right! That is a perfectly reasonable theory, but I have another one for you: MAYBE without the pressure of COMPLETING a New Years resolution I actually gave myself the tools to make a change.”

Well let me now tell you what made me come up with this. There are these new year’s blues which ninety percent of us undergo. Paying rent, schoolfess etcetra. This one happened today in the afternoon along Vijay optica. As I was crossing a road from airtel shop i saw a crowd sorrounding a lady and since I stopped minding other people’s businesses in 2017, I decided to get into the matatu and head towards ferry, specifically Nakumatt. You see when the news was meant to reach you there are no ways you are going to miss it. “Poor lady” the conductor sighed. No one replied I guessed he realized nobody ever understood him he then started narrating. “This lady has been here for the past one hour getting in and out of matatus one by one” Now people got interested and one man asked “what is she really looking for?”

“She says she has left new school shoes in a matatu which she cannot remember, she was from  bata shoe shop to buy her kid school shoes, she has forgotten them in one of the fine Tudor- ferry  matatu but she has no idea what it looked like. She is so much confused since it was the last shilling she ever had now she doesn’t know what else to do” 

People were left exclaiming others commenting while I sat there wondering why would God do this to a poor lady. Then I said AlhamduliLlah I am alive and all is well at home. People need reasons to thank God they just can’t remember Him any time. Whatever the case it was a very big test to her but Allah is always on a clean heart’s side. My whole day was then filled with worries about this lady I just do not know what happened next. Atleast I had a happy new year. How was yours?


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  1. Essah says:

    And here i thought its sexy when women bite nails lol anyways congrats on overcoming a (sexy) habit HOO-HAA lol and thanks for proving to me in the most selfless way that you really do care about other ppl contrary to what u told me haha, i had my doubts but i like taking people’s word. Very interesting article, now i know u alittle bit more ☺

  2. sasha alex says:

    I loved the touching you got real talent girl big up. I

  3. Lorraine says:

    Touching Story! People need to Thank God always. You never know the situation you’ll be in next.

  4. ghanima abdinasser says:

    mashallah nice piece dear

  5. M|G says:

    Not every year has to start on a good note,most deserve though. Good read mom.

  6. Muhammad Ramadhan says:

    Nice piece

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