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there are two posts I want to refer you to. https://www.shufaayakut.com/article/a-tribute-to-2017/ and https://www.shufaayakut.com/article/chapter-24/ . A tribute to my 2017 talks about how my 2017 was and chapter 24 talks about the lessons I learned in the 24 years I’ve lived in this world. This year, I want to talk about resolutions and goals but before that, if you haven’t yet go read those previous articles. We aren’t, moving. We are here waiting for y’all as we make smoothies. I know I’m a tea girl. Some of you were almost throwing stones asking what up. Today we ain’t drinking tea. I’m making a spinach smoothie because it’s almost the easiest way to add iron into my diet. Sometimes I’m anaemic, now you know. Thank you for staying.

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It’s been a minute. How have you been? How was your year? Before you tell me, does the first time to everything have to be difficult or scary? Or Is it okay just because we don’t know how it looks like, so we have expectations, then we try limit them, then we instil high hopes in our hearts, then we kill them and then now when everything is everywhere in our heads, we start praying. Phew! That was a mouthful one. Have a sip.
I lost my job for the first time in 2018. It wasn’t my first job, the others have been coming and going in other years. Contracts ending, maybe I walk away willingly etc. This one is weird. Actually I lost two jobs 😂, no, three. Hahaha. Don’t worry. One of them was on 25th January and the other was on 10th December. See my year. Do you have a summary?

The first one was a threat. That I was going to be sacked. So I left. I had joined a department that had 26 of us, with four ladies only. Two of us were new, two had been there for almost three years. Among the four, I was the youngest. I was actually the only one in my twenties. So of course I looked the most active one. Boys all around, men all over. Everyone struggling to defeat the other in getting my attention. Ten days after I got that job I had an ankle dislocation for trying to show off how much extra active I can be 😂😂. The things we do to impress our bosses.
Sometimes towards my birthday I landed on something. Not really a job Burofcooooos, I was good. Good in terms of daily activities and monthly stipends. Worst part, I had the worst boss. Very toxic. Always in my case, through my father. CAUTION!!! Never try to find a job via family connections. Hii story ya kujuana duh. I couldn’t mind my own business without dad knowing. Whenever I’m not at work on a work day, man always called dad to ask if I was okay, or at home in the name of checking up. Seriously it didn’t make sense to me. I’ve been dreaming of a day I’ll walk out, without me looking like I actually did. So after my one week off for Pwani innovation week, man had to replace me with a lady. Isn’t this a sign? So he just wanted me to come back, see that, get depressed then humble myself. Just to humiliate me. He really didn’t want me to go anywhere especially swahilipothub. Am I that desperate? I said I will go where the heart wants me to go. Since then, I have never set my foot there. I’m still on holiday. Unpaid leave 😂😂. I’ll pass your salaams when I go and see him.

Something I haven’t mentioned but really changed my life, I mastered sunnah acts of fasting every Monday and Thursday. Thanks to my toxic boss 😂. I wasn’t very obedient in that but it’s a thing. Ain’t it?
Okay, one sentence I said on 01/01/2019 03:40 , 2019 we are memorizing the Quran. Ameen? I saw this statement in twitter. This one built alot of thoughts in my head which lead to my four major parts of 2019.
Religion, family, growth and wellness. All of them are wide. I will only talk about a few. Up-to where my smoothie will take me.
I am planning to be obedient in the fasting culture, and in shaa Allah I’m coming up with a Quran recitation program which I might share later. Catching up with the five daily prayers.
I am planning to build a closer relationship with my family, especially by showing them appreciation and love. I am hoping to gift them more and check up on close people more often. I just learned that the much you give the much you shall receive. If we’re related, expect gifts. So, hi cousin. Lol, just kidding.
Growth is wide, financially, career wise, education, etc. It’s not a threat, just know your boundaries… 😂.
Wellness is also wide, physical health, mental health, etc.
I might share my vision board later, but I promise I’ll update y’all on how it goes.
My smoothie is over 😥. Shall we make more and talk more? Next time, sawa?
Haya in shaa Allah let’s us all grow towards our goals and steps to success. All the best in all your plans.

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    2018 was indeed a great school for many.. May your 2019 be of blessings permanent jobs and not bad if a wedding or engagement comes along 🤣🤣

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