When they turn to the left side of Makadara grounds towards Markiti (of course that was their final destination however far it sounds), the tuktuk speeded off and for a moment i was scared he was gonna take a wrong direction or just do something fishy. He was suspicious. The tuktuk was closed on the right side, tinted, with a plastic cover. You could see outside. I actually like these kind of tuktuks because you can decide to put your laguage on that side and be sure it wont be stolen while it moves just makes sure you dont forget it there when you reach your destination. I hate the all-side open ones. I am an indoor person. After a few kilometres, say twenty, the vehicle almost stopped then the guy asked,

Tuktuk Guy (TG) : umeangusha nini?

Shufaa (S) : hakuna, why?

TG : naskia tu kama kitu kimeanguka

S : oooh, mimi sijaskia

TG : hebu angalia

He almost stopped and he was getting into my nerves becausee he was being stubborn now. ‘can’t you just drive me home in peace?’ i kept on asking myself.

“You see, i thought maybe you have dropped something, i wanted us to be sure before it gets too late because i do not want to be held responsible for anybody’s loss of anything. Last week a lady dropped an iPad here. No she acctually left it on the seat…”

“I also left my phone in a tuktuk last w…”

He couldnt even let me finish and went on, “I carried a lady and a man at Mwembe Tayari on Saturday evening, i guess they were coming from Nawal Center coz it looked like they were from shopping. The couple told me to take them to citymall and when we got there, the lady alighted first followed by his man. While the man was looking for money, the lady struggled to carry their luggage out and i saw her carry an iPad. They paid me and i drove off immediately.

I carried three muslim ladies at Naivas and brought them to markiti. At baroda, one man came in and he is the one who recognised the iPad and gave it to me. I wasnt sure whether it was for the muslim girls that i brought to markiti or the couple that i dropped at city mall. I tried to unlock the phone and look for phone calls whose numbers are saved to mean close people, favourites or those who call oftenly. The first call i met was from “sweetheart” and i immediately called that one. a man picked it up and was shocked to hear my voice…

‘sweetheart'(S) : Hello, who are you?

me (m) : I am a tuktuk driver, i picked up this phone in my tuktuk and i aint sure whose it is. could you know the owner of the number?

‘S’: Yes, she is my wife, she doesnt remember where exactly she left it but we once bordered a tuktuk from mwembe tayari to citymall.

m : Ouh, i have remembered you, i dropped you there 30 minutes ago. are you still at city mall? i can deliver it too or where do you want me to meet you?

‘S’ : Just come to city mall if you can please.

… so i drove off to citymall and called the number again, he came to the parking with the same lady and i gave them their phone. They thanked me very much and can you imagine, (turning back to me now) the man gave me two thousand shillings. ( in excitement). i was very thankfull to God i hadnt imagined getting two thousands at a go just like that. my day was a blessing” ( as he turned back infront).

I was almost afraid he was gonna knock me down with his enthusiastic stories but i had to listen anyway cause i had no choice. It was almost getting closser to home. For a moment he reminded me about my phone. The phone i left in a tuktuk last week.funny right? okay, i am fine!!! i know i know , i can explain.

I had gone out with papi (see, this is my boyfriend not my dad. hahaha. He calls me mummy and i reciprocate with that. Calling him daddy would sound much of a sponsor or a sugar daddy). He could not take me home late he is not sauti sol so i dropped him on his way and proceeded home. In my hands i had a lot of stuff so i opened my handbag and dumped everything inside including the transport i had in hand.On reaching home i realised i needed to pay so i started scratching up the handbag to find the note i threw in the hand bag some minutes ago. I got hold of my phone, removed it out and kept it on the seat, my right side besides me to remove the money. I payed the tuktuk guy and went away. That is how i left it.

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  1. bmwasaru says:

    This is that night when we were all from SwahiliPot Hub and decided to use shortcut to Marikiti and left you in a tuko tuk.

  2. karen says:

    I think u just friendly…ur face just makes people wanna tell u stories coz they know u will listen

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