Every year, for the last three years I’ve been writing a tribute to the past years at the beginning of a new year. Check out and  This year, I’ve been on a creative block. This is the first post of this year, inspired by Kibali Villas Resort. Just before the Press release on public gatherings ban after the confirmation of the #COVID19 case in Kenya, “can we go on a holiday?”

I didn’t know where we are going but Malindi has never been a bad idea. Actually, two days before I was told to choose between South Coast, or North Coast, (Kilifi or Malindi). I was supposed to be a speaker at an international Women’s Day Celebration Event by Facebook Developers of Mombasa, on the same Saturday that I was to go on a holiday. Initially, I had chosen Kilifi, because it’s nearer, considering the IWD event would end at 5:00 pm, 14th March 2020.

On 13th March, the government released a press statement to ban all public events because there was a case of covid-19, by 8:45 pm the IWD event was canceled. This changed my holiday destination from Kilifi to Malindi. The journey would start earlier. “By noon” “okay, see you at noon”

Saturday at 12pm, I get out of the house. Remember this wasn’t the plan. It was, “let’s meet at noon” not “get out of the house at noon” but Shufaa will always double-check, “Hey, are you ready? Tell me when you are so that I can leave the house”. I hate waiting for people outside, I’d rather stay back home. Four hours later, we’re in Malindi baby. Kibali Villas Resort. Cest La Vie.

The entrance amazed me. Before I even saw the bookshelf, I was welcomed by three different international timezones. The bookshelf took all the attention though.

After the reception area. The whooooole place was green. Planted all over with trees, flowers, grass and love. Different villas with enough space to separate all of them. It actually looks like a village. With the pool in the middle. Flowers and beautiful art all over. I fell in love with the whole environment.


What stood out to me what the fact that the villas were named after very precious stones. In Kiswahili. There was Almasi, Zumaridi, Lulu, and Fedha. I wonder why they never thought of Yakut. (Oh yeah, I see you smiling). Just in case you didn’t know, Yakut is a Swahili name for a precious stone, Ruby. Now you know. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.  The villa that I was ushered to, first of all – I wish I could stay for a whole month. It is spacious and quiet just the way I like it. It contains double floors which share a living room immediately when you get in. It is also connected to one kitchen which has a fridge, a heater and everything you need.


In a perfect world I’d be waking up to this view every morning…⁣ but I guess few days really helped me unblock the creative brain of mine. The room I had was very spacious as well, a king-sized bed, an air conditioner, and two large windows. Perfect lighting for photos but guess what? I didn’t take any photo of me in that room.

Generally, the only disappointing part was that the swimming pool was under renovation and they did not inform us on time during reservation. If someone came all the way just for the pool they’d have the worst experience. However, the people in charge were very sorry about that, and they tried to make sure their clients are very comfortable. Their food is fairly good. I don’t know why they don’t offer fresh juice though. The only meals I had there were breakfasts and supper.

Kibali Villas Resort is only 10minutes walk to the beach. You don’t need to travel out of the country to find your type of summer heaven. Isn’t this what you need?

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