I tried to give her a thousand reasons to leave me. I wanted to breakup with her. Its not really anything she did or anything she said but the fatigue that comes along with constantly being in courtship. I knew I would find one or two suitors the moment I declared my single relationship status but that was not it. That was not the idea. I wanted to be single for one moment in my life. I wanted to watch love from the sidelines. I wanted to be a spectator. You see, ever since I dated Sharon, I can’t recall a time that I was single. Sharon was my first love, that one girl that ignited an inferno in me that’s so hard to put out.

I galloped the last pint of whiskey from the bottle that stood in my hand all this time. I crosschecked for any drop left but it was quite convincing. I stood up for a moment to check my balance. I was still very sober and it was not yet midnight so I sat again. To avoid unnecessary drama and confrontation with the new bar tender, (He is an asshole), I cleared my bill before ordering more whiskey. As he laid the bottle on the table, my phone rang. It was her…


I tried as much resisting the calls as the wall clock tick tocked towards midnight. Twenty three missed calles and she finally had to send a message via whatsApp.

” Hi! I know this is kinda odd but i really missed talking to you, as in, sit down and have some sober chat. Don’t worry i wunt write again n if i do it wunt be very soon. I’m sorry if i have taken your time but i want you to please read it with all your mind, focus please.
I know we’ve been through alot for years till now where  all hell has broken lose. It has proven numb that things will go back to the way they used to be. I do not regret having met you or making you my soulmate. I actually treasure the moments we spent together. No doubt we had fun, but there is a time and season for everything under the sun. That was our time, George, yes it was and we really enjoyed it. Things change and people change too. We have to adopt to the laid down conditions that are in our lives. Remember the heartaches, the breakups, the days we talked all night through the phone, the many love poems we used to write to each other, the stories we told each other, oh! That was great, but circumstances couldn’t let us and even though we tried to fight for our relationship there was something missing between us and that is #understanding. I never meant to hurt your feelings at any point and if i ever did then i hope that you will some day find it in your heart to forgive me. I came to realise that maintaining a relationship is a great deal of sarcrifice. Anyway, never mind about that i know you already know what love calls for. I was told that a good partner will always try and better you in everything and i terribly failed in that part even though i tried my best. You know something, lemme just get straight to the point, i’ve moved on…

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  1. Allan Omusi says:

    This is a master piece

  2. Renson says:

    Very nice piece.

  3. Keifer says:

    The name you used my dear.. Tsk tsk tsk 😉

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