I’m a first born in a family of 2girls and a guy (not sure whether he’s a boy or man now). My sister is only 8years and she is one reason why I am making this announcement today. This should have come on the international day of girl child, as per my intentions but we’ll, we plan and God plans. Since we are still in October, the month where girl child day falls, let us hurry before it ends. My mother is a teacher. Integrated schools and madrasa teacher. For kids. Nursery kids. Go back and repeat the last two sentences. Thank you. She is a typical introvert because she was brought up in a society where talking about anything between your novel and your knees is an abomination. Teaching kids has now made it worse, you cannot just be open about everything even if it’s true.

When I was in class five, some science teacher told us to carry sanitary towels to school, I had never seen any and didn’t know how they looked like. One day, in the kitchen, I was with mum and bro and I loudly, out of nowhere busted out “mum, teacher said we carry pads in our school bag”
That’s how she responded, staring at my brother. Like I shouldn’t talk such when there are men around and trust me, I was too scared to say anything from that day onwards.

Nobody told me about periods and period pains, nobody told me what to OR not do. Well ofcourse mum showed me how to put on a pad one year later, when I actually had my menstruation for the first time. Of course she gave me the painkillers when I was in pain, but she wasn’t as open as today’s kid would want her to be. More than 10years later now. I will not blame her. It is how they taught them. I’ve been experiencing hormonal imbalances all those years and never told anyone. Thanks to Doctor google and YouTube university. Of course I told mum what I always felt but she always told me it was normal, ofcourse it is, but I didn’t know it’s hormonal imbalance till I found out from Google, then told her and that is when she gave me the right pills. I was like ‘Ouh, kumbe you know how to cure it? So you were waiting for me to say what it is? ” Again, I will not blame her. She has always been here and given me what I want. May Allah keep her alive long enough to repent her sins. May she make it to hajj in shaa Allah. Ameen. I have been missing school for so long, every month at least a day. Not only because of the pain but also the body reactions were too much I sometimes blackout. So I avoided going anywhere on such days for fear of maybe falling off on the streets and faint or anything worse.

I have given a lot of thought on how to survive these difficult days each month, then had a brilliant epiphany. One day as I was traveling to Tanzania in 2015 is when I figured out all this. It was the first time I’m travelling alone so in my toiletries bag I had too many things in the end I realised I have two bags. I am a person who always makes a list before I travel so I had this list for my menstruation days.

Wet wipes
Dry tissues
Hand sanitizer
Of course painkillers are good but with an addition of chocolate life is way too good😍.
There are many other additions to this ie a calendar,deodorant/bodymist and all what you can think about. You can always suggest an extra thing in your kit.

This is what we should always pack for our kids immediately they become teens. I know most of us do this for ourselves but teenage girls are imagined to know it all thanks to school and doctor google but trust me, packing it for them means so much than just telling them. That is why, I came up with this kit called the menstruation survival kit. Others call it the period kit. People know about it but a little reminder to the parents doesn’t harm. I’ve been packing a few for my teen cousins and selling to their mum’s. They present it as a gift. On that note, I have a new instagram page Shufaa Yakut where I’ll be sharing all seasonal kits and baskets/gifts for either a movement, campaign trend etc. I’ve done some eid gift baskets, birthday and thought it’s high time I do this Oftenly. Kindly follow my page, thank you.

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