Dear loved one,
Dear father of my daughter,


Dear you who loved me with one divided heart,
How are you,
How are you and my daughter getting along?
How is everybody?
I miss home,
I wish there was a way back,
But the bridge to here breaks once you are through,
And between it is an ocean of fire,
What you guys call Hell!
How is my daughter doing,
Your brother keeps praising her over hear,
He says she’s a genius, like her father,
He told me that she comes top of her class,
He told about the dress he’d promised her,


Please tell her that he meant to keep his word,
Do you tell her of mommy,
Or did you choose to forget that day because it was a bad day?
Did you tell her what I told the doctor?
That if he’s forced to choose between her life and mine,
That he should choose her’s?
Do you ever visit my mother?
Or did you leave her like you left me?
To fate and company of her sickly old self?
If you care, please pass a message to her,
Tell her I love her!
I heard you quit drinking to make time for family,
I smiled when I heard that,
At least my daughter can feel the peace I missed,
Please know that my spirit lives on and on in her,
I heard you married again,
That you could not contain the pangs of loneliness,
Well, I am happy for you dear one,
They don’t allow marriage in heaven so you’re still fresh in my heart,
How is she?
How does she and my daughter get along,
How are your other children?
I hope they do not bully our daughter,
Please says hi, I love them even though I never met them!
Dear loved one,
My dear husband,
Even though you left me alone with labour,
Even though you chose a whiskey bottle over me,
Even though you turned up drunk when they lain me below the willow,
Even though they think I should have lived if only you were there for me,
Just know that none of that exists to me,
Unfortunately there is no room for holding to grudges in Heaven,
Just know that I chose love because hate is too much a burden to bear,


Just know that I believe in forgive and forget,
Your tears will never get me to a position where you can apologise,
But just know that I sometimes see the pain in your heart from here,
And that its time you let my soul rest in peace,
Till we meet again!

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  1. Keifer says:

    Beautiful Miss Yakut.

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