Excuse me Nereah,
With everyday’s nausea,
Vomiting everywhere,
Do you think this is fair?
The owner doesn’t even care,
Woman up my dear, abort and disappear…. Some things are so obvious,
That she might be victorious,
Something like Lupita or anyone famous,
Coz the father wants to live a life that’s luxurious,
You will not be recognised, abort and become anonymous…. Nerea !!! Do not listen to them, Gosh!
You aint even sure its fo Amos ot Josh,
A whole Sautisol wants to make their mothers a “shosh”,
And you are there confused, abort it aint a loss… Nereah for the last time,
Men are jewelleries, one at a time,
They’re all gonna perish with time,
Then you remain there as bitter as lime,
Make a decision swee…. abort and forget about fame.

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  1. shazsoyler says:

    Such an amazing article.
    Nerea should better listen to you.. Who said that baby won’t be ‘Matheri’

  2. shazsoyler says:

    Such am amazing article.
    Nerea has to listen to you.. who said the baby won’t be ‘Matheri’??

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