It is finally eid and we say AlhamduliLlah for witnessing yet another moment of celebration which only comes once.  It is two days past eid and it is not too late to share with you my thoughts about Eid . Many people pray to see it but their fate doesn’t take get them here. The few of us who witness it celebrate in thanksgiving and more prayers, feasting, visiting relatives and sharing happy moments about the day.

I thank Allah for the blessing of life and health. Writers write about it and you-tubers shoot the videos of how they celebrate. Musicians sing about it and and khatibs in mosque talk about how we should go about it.

A poet and a friend, shared his thoughts  about it;

Allah created the universe
With plenty of beauties,bounties
And entities
Eid being a marvel
In His creation.
Its a jubilee a jamboree
Islam golden moments.

Laughter, smiles, joy
Foods, delicacies, cuisines
Outfitting, dapping, swagging
Visits,greetings, hugs
All in this finicky day
Commemorates agitation
In our islamic entity.
Its surely a spree.

Eid a cheerful day
Eid be the morning star
The star that shines,
That shines in a shiny
Shining cloud
Dont you admire this?
Dont you?
I suppose it to be a jamboree.

Eid is here
Embracing do not fear
Eid is a pearl
In the shells of oyster
Rise up and liberate
Jump and hail
‘Eid Mubarak’

Eid indeed a regal day
All this is ours
Ours for the taking
Ours for the loving
Ours for adorning
Amid our pride and passion
We shall slogan ourselves
‘Eid Mubarak’

Eid a sheen,
Deactivate all forms of sins
Attained in all sorts of scenes
Satisfaction let it be seen
I admit that we do all sheen,
Caution we be keen.
A jamboree I incarnate.

Eid an endeavour
Allah put up this favour
Exquisite and dainty forever
This majestic day never shover
Blessings absolutely covers
Its a jubilee, a jamboree
A spree
Islam sparkling moments.

By Hassan Farouk

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