She has seen the sun rise and set for 45years now. Alhamdulillah


At nine
Ward nine,
Year sixtynine,
She bared the pain,
Though couldn’t explain, and in a short while mama was born.

Life flew,
She grew,
Alot, she went through,
Though few,
Her siblings were her best crew,

Here we are, 2015,
She is beautiful and her heart so clean,
Still growing wiser and stronger in her deen,
I pray for her health and everything she prays for, Ameen.

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  1. Mishy chirindi says:

    happy birthday to her mob love

  2. Mishy chirindi says:

    happybirthday to her mob love

  3. Kibwana Salim says:

    Happy birthday to a saint of a
    mother-in-law. We love her.

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