Sometimes, it is your siblings who
1. Tell you the ugliest truth about you, that acquaintances won’t dare, which you choose to ignore.
“Stop laughing that way”
“why? is it bad laughter?”
“no, don’t just do that in public”

They do not mean your laughter is miserable, it is too sweet that provokes men’s thinking. Try stopping it, or at least, control it.
2. Teach you to believe in qadar, but you get mad at them.
” where is my money?”
“it’s lost”
“won’t you look for it?”
“i tried but i couldn’t find it”
“you don’t even have feelings. How can you shamelessly say that?”
“I’m sorry, but just believe it is lost and move on”

We fail to accept when things happen but later on you learn you should have said AlhamduliLlah
3. Show you the right way to deal with anger, and you assume they are losers.
“aunt has accused me for breaking the plate”
“leave her alone, let her entertain herself”
“you are crazy, how do you stay silent in false accusation?”

“why tell me then? if you won’t take my advice deal with it your way”
They try to tell you to stop entertaining her. It is her mission to annoy you and see you react. If you don’t , she loses.

Sometimes, it is your friends who
4. Give you the best opinion and you think they are hating.
“your nails look like a ghost”
“haha! hater!!!”

They just mean that your nails are too long and they are not accepted in islam. Ghosts are associated with shaitan who are against islamic teachings.
5. Teach you the ways of life but you think they are too harsh.
“Do not apply too much make up when it’s sunny, it melts too often and it doesn’t look good anymore”
“ah, i will correct it when it melts”

They literally mean, do not expose your beauty too much.
6. Save you from minor evils but you think they are too boring.
“I don’t feel like going to that party, it doesn’t seem to be fun”
“you are boring!!let’s just try and see how it will go. We can always leave”
“no, let us go have coffee instead”

They are trying to refrain you from attending to moral less activities.

Sometimes, it is your parents who
7. Teach you morals, on things that are not haraam but aren’t advisable.
“I am not going back to that house. let him divorce me, he has tortured me enough. I am fed up.”
“My daughter, wait a little bit longer, he might change. Do this for the sake of your children”

They literally mean that divorce is allowed in Islam but it is among the actions that Allah hates.
8. Protect you from the society’s hasad, you think they are too behind.
“Mum, i got a new job”
AlhamduliLlah, just don’t go shopping new clothes. Go with the ones you have till later. Do not send alarms.”

You think they are not updated with today’s life but they actually just do not want show people all good changes.
9. Stop you from getting too much into world’s needs but you feel they are just afraid of the society.
“mum,i pearced my nose”
“mh, you just look like a pinned nail.”
“mum, are dreadlocks haraam?”
“do you want to go out there looking like a rasta girl and your mama is ustadha?”
“mum, must i wear abaya? isn’t this dress covering me enough?”
“here, i got you a new stylish abaya, try it on.”

They can not stop stop you from doing what you want because they are not actually forbidden by the religion, they just do not want you to get too comfortable with the pleasures of the world and forget the reality.

10. Sometimes, it is our instincts that lead us to the right path, we think we do not have enough fun.

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  1. Ali T says:

    thanks for the insight…

  2. Hassan says:

    It’s a lesson for todayπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Thank you. Ramadhan Hoyee…

  3. Amdigo says:

    Ma shaa Allah, nice one

  4. Whitney Shish says:

    Great piece, at first I thought it was only for the Muslim, but the truths are deeper with any genuine religion in terms of morals, courtesies, etc.
    Good job girl!

  5. Incredible story there. What happened after? Thanks!

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