His, my name is Shufaa. I am 22 years,not yet married probably waiting for one of my non-existing aunties to claim she has a son from Dubai whatsoever, who has saved his 3 months’ salary to pay my dowry. Hahahah, this is actually what seventy percent of people think about the Muslims in Coast. That aside, I studied mass communication and I am a writer, a poet, a literature feminist. Yes I am dating and both of us are kings. I repeat, I am a feminist.

I am privileged to have both deen and dunya education. I went to madrasa and completed the primary and secondary levels. According to the little knowledge I have, I know that the prophet says, “convey from me, even if its a verse” By the grace of Allah, the one who teaches the people something about their religion deserves this supplication, because what he taught them wimuslimsll bring them to something good.

InshaAllah Read more:

1st February was World Hijab Day. I thought, “it is #WorldHijabDayKenya and i’m gonna give some two three spoon full views about hijab. Before that, i will post conversations of four friends (non-muslims) telling me their views about hijab.I will post the questionnaire first then the answers will follow suit all together at once ”

1.Have  you ever worn a hijab?

2.If yes, what made you wear and how did you feel?

3.If no, why? What do you feel about it?

4.What do you think the people who wear it feel?

5.Do you think you look good?

6.Do you think others look good?

7.Would you make it a culture to wear it once in a while?

8.If no, why?

Tell us one general thing about HIJAB.

Carole Ndanu

1. Yes

2. I was visiting a close Muslim friend of mine, and she had her bui bui and scarfs neatly hanged, in her room and I just couldn’t resist. It made me feel  a whole lot covered and even more beautiful. I realised beauty is much more felt covered up.

4.  I think those who wear hijab’s feel proud. Proud to be a woman  and proud to be a muslim woman.

5. Yeah i looked beautiful.

6. Also think others look beautiful.

7. Yes I would make wearing a hijab part of me

Lorraine Javan

1. YES



4. I THINK THEY FEEL GOOD ,ESP IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM. KNOWING THAT :- ~Wearing a Hijab expresses their islamic identity and  provide witness of their faith.

5. YES . I TOTALLY LOOK GOOD WEARING A HIJAB. ( si uliona picha ?)


7. YES .


A hijab conveys a message of purity and godliness esp in the Islamic Culture. Furthermore its accentuates a woman’s beauty. It does the political work of representing a Muslim presence in society.

Whitney Kihara

1. No


3. I wish i  was allowed to wear it. It’s really amazing.

4. I think people who wear hijabs feel dignified.

5. Yes

6. Yes, very good.

7. Absolutely. Anytime as long as am not branded *Muslim*/ *RELIGIOUS*..?

8. I would not like it to have a religious brand, just a general outfit such as denim.
HIJABS are wonderful, b but should not be worn just as culture, neither should they enslave one to certain religious acts.

Angela Mumbi

1. I’ve never involved myself in a hijab contest

3.I feel bad.I should have been informed about these competitions.

4.they feel good, I think..despite the heat

5.Of course?… Im that awesome

6. 6.Not as good as I am:)..but yes they do


Basically and Quranically it is anything that prevents one to see through anciently in swahili known as #kizuizi but others used the word #kizuizi for #niqab/ ninja.
It is a general meaning to something that covers up another thing. A scarf that covers up one’s hair is one explanation and a # buibui that covers up one’s body is another. Mine is an etiquette that will cover up the beauty in a person.

#Modest movement that will cover one’s #shape and their inner beauty especially in ladies. The way we talk and relate with others.

1. Speaking in low tone to maintain our beautiful voices.

2. Lowering our gaze to avoid too much admiration.

3. Respecting the old and young

They are alot but a few would help too. Intentions count. Lastly, DOING THE RIGHT THING, AT THE RIGHT TIME, AT THE RIGHT PLACE, WITH THE RIGHT PERSON. I will not buy any comment concernibg my personal life. Thank you in advance for minding your own businesses

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