This is a cliche, but I’m here for the story. Get your cookies because this tea is getting hotter. The famous lady ghost of the railway station that haunted especially men who passed by that area at night. Growing up, I heard a lot of such stories and many other, till today I never watch horror movies and if you ever force me or trick me into watching one, we become enemies.

Now that I’m grown, I’m more interested in knowing how the story came about, who brought the rumors or why they did. Recently I read in a similar story happened in India.

Begunkodar railway halt, which falls between Jhalda and Kotshila railway stations under the Ranchi rail division in eastern India, has been drawing hordes of people who want to see the ghosts in white clothes and with flowing hair walking on the tracks. The ghosts are believed to come out once evening falls.

Authorities said the railway station was shut in 1967 after being described as a “haunted place” shortly when a railway officer died in his office.

As per the story doing the rounds, the said officer died when he reportedly saw the “shadow of a ghost dressed in white clothes and walking on the tracks in the dead of night”.

This caused panic among the railway staff as no one wanted to be posted there. Eventually, the station had to be shut down.

Reports said in the early 1960s Lachan Kumari, a queen of the Santal tribe that inhabited the area, donated a large chunk of her land to the Railways for the upliftment of her people.

Subsequently, works started for its upliftment, but sometime later the queen died and the local villagers say the said ghost could be of that queen.


Then I thought, Indians might have acted such a film or maybe mocked the whole thing and since Mombasa people used to love Indian movies so much, the story could’ve begun there. I am not sure. If there’s anyone reading this and knows something that I don’t, it will be interesting to comment. For those who don’t know, let me tell y’all my version of the story.

This ghost was labeled Binti Stesheni or Fatuma Stesheni because she was a very beautiful lady staying at the railway station in Mombasa. She had a house on top of a tree which you could only see when you’ve gone in and probably come out. Binti Stesheni used to come out immediately after the Maghreb prayer. When the sunsets. She was super beautiful, tall and always had a white glittering dress.

When you walked by, the road would be clear and there will be no cars passing by. I’m assuming it’s the men who were going to ferry, from the industrial area and used the station as a shortcut. There was no means of transportation there. The road was isolated and it was not a pass away for public transports too. You would pass by, very tired and notice a lady driving a very beautiful car. She would offer you a free ride to wherever you were heading to and on your way, she would ask you about yourself.

You would start, “my name is Yasin, twenty-seven years, single (you already lied. You have a wife and three kids in Likoni, waiting for you to get home and buy them supper but because this lady is too pretty, you thought you had won a jackpot. So you lie so that she can like you, maybe take you home and many other favors.), I work at Mombasa Maize Miller’s as the sales supervisor, (here you have also lied, you are just the hard labor guy who carries cartons of floor for the six hours you are at work, on a shift but because you are trying to impress a beautiful lady, you thought a higher position would be interesting to her).  You would then realize she was not interested in any of your stories, to be fair, you ask, “what about you?” She begins, My name is Fatma and I stay in that big house over there”. All that while you had not realized that the car was not moving and there was a very tall white building in front blocking the way. This car could not move. It is packed at the entrance of the house. She goes on, ” Would you mind coming in? I will prepare some tea for you and you can have a rest before I take you home. My friend, you are greedy. As if the car was not shocking enough, you agree to the house offer, you step down with her and proceed to the house. You mysteriously fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night, only to find yourself on top of a baobab tree. The lady is sleeping next to you, with one leg in a beautiful silver glittering stiletto and the other leg is of a donkey. You slap yourself.


Y’all knew it would get here right? there are always stereotypes about the baobab tree in connection to spirits and superstition. So you would obviously be shocked and start to find your way down the tree. You start wondering how the tall beautiful house turned to a tree, where the beautiful lady vanished to, how everything happened and start to wish that it was all a dream only to realize it wasn’t. You find yourself under the tree and start thinking of how to get home. You are tired, confused, and full of regrets. You see some bright light coming your way, it’s a car, it slows down as it gets closer to you and suddenly stops. The window mirror slides down and this time you see a man. You sigh heavily knowing you found a savior. You had sworn if it was a lady, you wouldn’t dare talk to her. “Hi, can I help you?”

“yes, hi. I’m stuck, not sure where I am at but I’m heading to ferry. Last time I checked I was at the old railway’s station.”

“oh fine, I can drop you off by the ferry. From there you can manage”

“Alright, thanks.” You get into the car and start to thank your God before the driver breaks the silence.

“So tell me, how did you get here?” You explain the whole story and when you get to the legs part and tell the guy how it was shocking, he pulls up his trousers and asks while pointing, “mguu kama huu?“. You freak out. You jump off the car and wonder what was happening to your life. You get a third offer and you don’t learn your lesson yet, boring right?. Finally, you just decide to say a short prayer and walk your way home. Or rather, whichever way you manage, (I don’t remember how these stories usually end).  The following day you get to work and explain to your colleagues how it all happened and nobody seems to believe you. You dare them to try and eventually one of them also falls into the trap. These stories circulate in workplaces, at homes and by the time they get to schools they are all myths and rumors.

What happened? Do you have another version? put it down in the comment section.

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  1. Swaga Khalfan says:

    There’s this other one where people said the same binti stesheni would walk into bathrooms at night and shower,..mwaskia tu maji chooni but everyone is asleep. Ati mukiamka asubui hakuna maji kwa mapipa

  2. Caroline says:

    Pwahaha! Just don’t talk to strangers. Life long lesson.

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