Mum knows Collo, he’s amongst the cool kids of the estate that all girls fall for. She knows that I’m dating him because that’s what all the unhappy women talk about when they sit outside to backbite. She has never asked me about it but I know she knows. Collo was my classmate back in lower primary before I was transferred to a girls’ school in class 4. He was the boy I competed with in classes 1, 2 and 3 and his mother loved me for that. For always keeping his son on toes. She still does. She used to bring me gifts back in school for defeating his son and I bet she now knows about our fishy relationship which we think we hide but literally everyone talks about. We are the silent kids in the whole estate so people think we brag about something.

“what is it my girl? Talk to daddy. Is it classes?” daddy asked while looking into my now tear drenched eyes (directly through my eyes). I was sobbing with hiccups so I couldn’t talk. “is it work? Have those fools fired you? ” my daddy kept asking. Oh ,daddy I wish it was all that. Mama came out of my toilet bedroom after some minutes of survey with a breathtaking announcement “I think it’s some boyfriend drama” . I don’t know what she might have seen in the loo that gave her a clue. She went back to the living room and left me with dad. I was now facing down, staring blankly at my folded legs the yoga style on my bed. He stretched out his right hand towards my chin and lifted my face up for my eyes to meet his. The warmth and kindness in them was comforting. I stopped crying.

I nodded, not knowing how I’m going to explain mamas very accurate deduction. I had never mentioned home anything about a guy, but hey, it’s about time.”Dad, I wanted to surprise him when he came from work, I even skipped school,can you believe me!? See its his birthday today and I wanted to spoil him (in real sense, it was nobody’s birthday). I bought him a three kg chocolate cake, made his favorite meal, then excitedly waited in his house’. Deep down I knew my father could tell i wasn’t being entirely honest with him, but he listened on never the less. ‘When he got home from work, he didn’t seem all that thrilled to see me. I brushed it off with a’maybe he is just tired’excuse. But things got weired a little too fast. He rushed the cake cutting and quickly put the rest of it in the fridge after we ate some. He seemed restless, as if he couldn’t get rid of me fast enough. I didn’t take the clue and decided to hang around longer. ‘honey happy birthday! ‘ a lady shouted as she walked in carrying with her a cake way bigger than mine and damn was it beautiful. Daddy my heart broke. I expected him to say something but he didn’t. He just took the cake and placed it on the table. He looked happier I think. I had to leave that house daddy, expecting him to come after me or call out to me. But he didn’t daddy he didn’t !!

That moment I burst out into a louder cry knowing that that wasn’t exactly what happened but just the thought of it killed me. He hugged me and told me “such is life my daughter, take heart”. He slowly went back to living room leaving me prepairing to sleep. I immediately reached out for my phone to call Collo, I needed to talk, talk to someone, at least say anything for someone to hear me out and comfort me. I was still sobbing in a low tone and he could hear my shaky voice. He was worried, he wanted to know more. how could I even tell him that my heart has been broken by a side guy? ‘ . For a moment I felt a sense of belonging to him and I wish I could open up to him. I just couldn’t say it. So, I called my friend Nisa. Nisa felt so bad about the whole incident (which I knew she would) then she started acting a grown up “I will talk to him “, she said. “How can he treat you like that?, I mean he’s always been complaining about having your time, needing you, wanting you, and now he’s doing this? ” she went on with a loser sad voice. “Did he say anything? ”
“Yes, he said the lady was his in-law who just came to pick her clothes, that she was dating his elder brother but they broke up ”
“bure Kabisa. He is such a fool, but anyway, you listen to him, he might be saying the truth. ”

That night I couldn’t sleep, I tried all I could but I kept on twisting and turning starring at my phone. Collo texted me and I wasn’t in the mood to chat with him so the responses I was giving him were as cold. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t do anything. Was just hoping for the sun to rise as soon as I turn the other side, for me to start a new day. It is now midnight, I was lying on bed with the upper part of my body facing the sky while the lower facing sideways, towards the toilet. I was thinking ‘I told Amina I was sick and God heard me, now I’m getting real sick’. I then smiled to myself and made a decision to read a novel. “Nggggrrrrrrrrrrrr, ngrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ngrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” the phone rang as loud as it could but when I stretched to pick it up I realised it was Fred I turned to silent mode. It rang for almost twenty times continuously before I decided to switch it off. In between the phone calls there were messages of “babe, please pick up the phone ” “babe, please hear me out I already told you there’s nothing going on between her and i” “babe you can even ask Stevo(his brother) about her” . I had no energy to reply either of them. The moment I switched off the phone is when I got real sleep.

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  1. Aliuko says:

    heheheh kindly ask Stevo, he will tell you the truth…… heheheh if you dare ask Stevo indeed you will be told what you want to hear…. lakini huwezi juwa, mjaribu tuskie atakwambia nini

  2. Caxueky says:

    This Fred thing…..its not fair.
    I will revisit the isue when done with lachesis 😊

  3. Mustafa says:

    I always look forward to the next piece. The Lachesis span series is off the hook. Best read yet.

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