Obsession 2.

“A kid? so he’s been dating all this long? No, and staying with the lady too? Well. I think I should back off before I ruin someone’s home. After all, I’ve never met him” This one made my morning very heavy. I thought this was all over. That I do not have a boyfriend anymore and I have no business with men anymore. She did that because Moha had also texted me.
“sorry love, just don’t mind this lady. I was forced by my mother to stay with her but I don’t love her. I don’t want her. It is you that I want.”
I didn’t see the reason to respond to his message but I had to respond to Kate. “Ouh you have a kid?! Ma shaa Allah. What’s her name? Could you send me a pic? “I was acting all excited and ditching the boyfriend conversation because she seemed like she wanted more talk with me. I gave a topic.
“Ouh, he’ll send it to you himself ”
“but I don’t talk to him anymore”
“are you on whatsApp? 0715 (all I can remember) that’s my number, text me. ”
I had to download whatsApp so fast on my pink idios smartphone. I wasn’t planning to text her first but I knew she either would, or already has and maybe found out I wasn’t online. I knew she already had my number from Moha’s phone. All that time I didn’t feel like talking to Moha. His messages weren’t anything interesting anymore but I was more eager to hear from Kate. I don’t know why but I felt like I know her. I felt like she wanted someone to talk to she sounded stressed. Immediately I opened whatsApp I received a photo of a baby from the same 0715 number. This kid was beautiful.
“what’s her name again?”
“Ouh wow! Beautiful name. I like it”
“No, when she was born, Moha named her Shufaa. Her birth certificate is written Shufaa I didn’t know where this one came from until I started seeing your facebook texts one week ago. I had to change it because I think he feels safe in that name. Maybe he fears to slip and call me Shufaa then I’d ask him who Shufaa is so he opted to name his kid that, so that he can always refer to her even when he meant you ”
It was getting interesting.
“so why is he denying you and you have a kid together? ”
“I don’t know my dear. He’s been acting inhuman since I gave birth to this kid. He has been all weird and strange. I love him so much. We haven’t been dating for long, I should say I was a bit lose when I gave in and immediately got pregnant. I converted to Islam because of him. When I got pregnant, my family chased me away from home I had to come to his place and I was ready to do anything to please him. His mother likes me, she is the one who told me to convert in order to get married to him, so now I was waiting to give birth first. My Muslim name is Aisha. Since then, he doesn’t even look at me. I thought he was a player but there’s nothing I’ve seen in his phone, wallet etc except you. As a fellow lady, please save my new family. He is all I got and if it were not for the mother I wouldn’t be here safe. ”

This was heavier now.

I kept on staring at the baby’s photo thinking why men would do this. I knew this lady had a lot in her heart and I was ready to let go because I had nothing to lose. But why would he be so attached to me that much? Twenty seven missed calls a day. Eighteen text messages and twelve via facebook inbox. Ninety percent of them saying “baby I love you” “this kid was an accident” “baby don’t listen to her” “baby please hear me out I’m coming to Mombasa next week so we can talk this out” “baby forgive me for all this”
Who is to be asked for all this forgiveness? I thought this guy had gone insane. He was not even wrong to me then. I couldn’t see him in any pictures formed by the darkness when I close my eyes he was just not there. I didn’t even mind him stop talking to me, it was the baby I felt for. The lady who went on to sacrifice her religion for him. The lady who went on sacrifice her whole family to whole strangers and now she was stranded in a heavy lonely world. A world where everything was new. Motherhood, rejected wife and new religion. There, I saw no need to stick to matters that concerned me less.
‘Aisha’ now kept on texting me and I was looking for ways to avoid her. I had no connections whatsoever to her family and didn’t want anything to do with them. I deleted whatsApp immediately, because of course I had no business with it.

Three days later, I receive a very long text message. “Hi baby, I know I’ve done a lot and you wouldn’t want to hear anything else from me but I’m on my way to Mombasa. I am coming to find you so we could talk this out. I still want you for a wife. Kate is just a girl who ran away from her home and camped at my place. My mother pretends to like her but she can’t even host her in her house they’re all burdening me with family expenses. It is you I want and I’m coming for you. See you soon. Love you ” …

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