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Obsession 3

Part one Ngrrrrrrr ngrrrrrrrrrrrr, the phone rang. Ngrrrrrrr ngrrrrrrrrrrrr, the phone rang again. Ngrrrrrrr ngrrrrrrrrrrrr, it rang for the third time. I was crossing the road so I couldn't reach out for my handbag to pick up the phone. I continued walking. It was getting dark and I was heading home. This phone could wait till I get home. I…read more


As a feminist, i decided that on valentines i would take you out for dinner, maybe surprise you or cook you your best meal. I would call you at 5pm and ask you to stay indoors, that there is an attack in the neighborhood and you SHOULD NOT go out. Just because you always say you care, i knew you'll…read more


I'm a first born in a family of 2girls and a guy (not sure whether he's a boy or man now). My sister is only 8years and she is one reason why I am making this announcement today. This should have come on the international day of girl child, as per my intentions but we'll, we plan and God plans.…read more
Book Review


My name is Shufaa, and I am a literature feminist. I started saying this when I was 19years old where I didn’t even know what exactly feminism is. I had no Idea of my own definition of it. I just used to call myself that because I used to write poems about women and what the society rates them compared to men. I didn’t know what it mean because again I hadn’t heard it anywhere else until I saw that my friend carolendanu.wordpress.com is branded the same. That is when I started finding out whether we have the same meaning, that is where I started finding reasons why I accepted to be a feminist.
I met Jamila, the lady behind www.lifeinmombasa.com who thought I write well. Thank you love ?. She introduced me to Nadia in instagram and I finally met her on her style branch launch and from her expression of life I got another meaning of feminism. It is wide. It is what you understand it and how you put it. The meaning of feminism is actually what you want it to be. Majority of peoples definition is negative. People say “feminists are angry ladies who have not found husbands to marry” but hey.,,, how would I be looking for  a husband at 19?. [To me feminism is basically the state of female gender in equality to the male gender
]~ extract from the book.

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