As a feminist, i decided that on valentines i would take you out for dinner, maybe surprise you or cook you your best meal. I would call you at 5pm and ask you to stay indoors, that there is an attack in the neighborhood and you SHOULD NOT go out. Just because you always say you care, i knew you'll…read more
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My name is Shufaa, and I am a literature feminist. I started saying this when I was 19years old where I didn’t even know what exactly feminism is. I had no Idea of my own definition of it. I just used to call myself that because I used to write poems about women and what the society rates them compared to men. I didn’t know what it mean because again I hadn’t heard it anywhere else until I saw that my friend carolendanu.wordpress.com is branded the same. That is when I started finding out whether we have the same meaning, that is where I started finding reasons why I accepted to be a feminist.
I met Jamila, the lady behind www.lifeinmombasa.com who thought I write well. Thank you love ?. She introduced me to Nadia in instagram and I finally met her on her style branch launch and from her expression of life I got another meaning of feminism. It is wide. It is what you understand it and how you put it. The meaning of feminism is actually what you want it to be. Majority of peoples definition is negative. People say “feminists are angry ladies who have not found husbands to marry” but hey.,,, how would I be looking for  a husband at 19?. [To me feminism is basically the state of female gender in equality to the male gender
]~ extract from the book.

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It is 12:30pm i am in a probox, stuffed up with speakers as if we were announcing a new radio station launch in town. It is silent though, but of course I guess it was meant for announcing something very soon because the car itself comes from a politician’s office. Afterall I am in,  not bothered by anything outside. Just then two ladies in the small car start arguing and almost went on fighting is when I realise I see beautiful avocados outside the car window besides me. I decide to keep myself busy by taking random photos because where we are, I cannot step down. we are in the middle of old town, the size of the street here, a small car can pass has an allowance of an avocado cart and one man to stand sideways. The driver is tired of taking these ladies round who are on a job of distributing some invitation cards for an event I guess. I am not sure I am just a car rider and observer, by default I’d be here who doesn’t know I love road trips and interior-outdoor activities? I am seated behind The driver, and a lady on my left, let us call her lady X. The seat infront of hers seats a smaller version of her size we can name her lady Y. I am the smallest, or maybe tiniest among the ladies but the driver is skinny (no pun intended). The driver asks lady X if she done with delivery in that area so that we can move on to another location, lady X keeps on explaining a point that was made clear to her since morning.
Driver : any other delivery in Kibokoni?
Lady X: I don’t know about Kibokoni but I have one for old town, near Forodhani.
This one makes me laugh a little and exites my soul. Basically Kibokoni and old town are just one thing but I don’t have a better explanation for this at the moment. Provided I am the only Muslim-swahili lady in this small car I expect they have to listen to me but trust me, everyone knows it all. Thanks to Google Map but after the statement about Kibokoni and old town held my throat in laughter, I decide now they are listening to me. In my good mood I think of a friend and dial his number to say hi because the previous day I was in a very bad mood I felt guilty that I never got time to share my smile with him. Too bad he doesn’t pick up but I wanted him to find me in the middle of the laughter, he would ask me what i’m laughing at (because he has the habit of getting in all the conversations i put him in, or the ones he just find me in) then I would tell him the narrative about Kibokoni and old town.
I am now so happy so I alight the car and say hi to a farfetched grandfather in old town. We are near his house so I remember his existence. In as much as everyone is tired and the driver claims to be running late, blessings never killed anyone. While I am walking over to the door the friend called back. He asks about my current mood and I tell him it is super nice. He doesn’t bother to ask why though. Maybe it was non of his business anyway. I say hi to him and now we’re good. He asks where I am and I tell him i’m at forjesus, well I lied. Again I say I am around old town so the choice is his, the point is I am at that place, not too big a lie is it? I think I corrected myself and it isn’t a lie anymore.
After the greetings and blessings i go back to the car and the old town, Kibokoni conversation goes on.
Lady X : I have remembered, I have one for the guy you told me about in the morning
Me: leave the guy alone
Lady Y: Ushaelezwa Mara ngapi that guy ni family member atapelekewa tu na sistake.
Lady X: Oooh sikua nimeelewa
Lady Y: we nawe tumia common sense
Lady X now fumes because of the statement. She feels inferior and interprets it as she doesn’t have the brains to understand, she feels insulted. Of course she is,  myself I feel a li’l bit shaken.
Lady X: (louder now) Sasa Kwani nimelazimisha ilikua tu Sijaelewa kama wanaishi Nyumba moja I thought delivery would be better. Usiniingilie ivo kwanza Sijaongea na wewe naongea na driver.
Lady Y: (in a polite tone) Basi yaisheeeeeee [the ‘e’ is as long as you can pull it]
This one now burn her to the highest degree, she feels like she can explode and bursts out the f* word. The car stops moving, my blood runs cold and lady Y goes silent digesting the moment. Thirty seconds of silence. She then turns back and asks “unanitukana Mimi imekufanya nini? ” in a rather politer voice. I feel pained. I feel like I want to revenge on her behalf, I mean, why is she so lenient on this? I am at my boiling point but silent serves me better.
Lady X: nitakutukana tena na tena unaninyamazisha Kama Nani?
Lady Y:(calmly)  I think you have personal issues with me, such a small thing cannot boil a person to that point
Lady X: (loudly still) I don’t have personal issues  whatsoever you call them first of all I do not know you, we just met here and you shouldn’t get your nose in my business.
Lady Y: (louder now, in an annoyed voice)  woman you are now getting into my nerves and I will not sit down and watch you.
She raises up and faces directly  back her seat where lady X is sitting, points at her, almost in an attempt of hitting her. “you are so stupid you hold grudges for no reasons and wait for moments like this to revenge”
Lady X: …….silent……
Me: Lahaula walaa quwwata Illa biLlah
Lady Y Sits back on her seat and faces forward. The car has started moving now in a slow motion having no clear direction of where we are going next.
Lady Y: Usione watu amenyamaza ukadhani utatutusi tu tukuangalie this is maturity my friend but everybody is capable of saying all kind of shit.
Me: (looking outside the window where I spot the beautiful avocado and old men from the coast smiling) Wacha nipige picha ya Ma avocado hapa, ndo ilobaki.
I want to take a snap chat video but I feel the sound of abusive words will ruin my story and again I feel the  loss of muting it and losing its full content. I take random pictures with my phone’s  camera. The car is in silent. The devil has gone I guess. So I decide to break it.
“where are we going now? ” we head on to Forodhani, in silence.

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​Immediately the wedding ended, All smiles and giggles gradually faded, Older women moved in groups, Looking at me in sympathy as if i was a step child Older men came to me with a fake energy congrating me for the action My agemates, men and women looked puzzled as if they wanted to ask whether  i'm serious or not. I…read more