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That summer Saturday afternoon, when I was ten years old. The Sunday afternoon begins with chapati na maharagwe ya nazi in a petticoat and a white pantie underneath. My then eight years old brother, Alwy in his blue favorite shorts, dad in a vest and kikoi and mum in a dera. It used to be  very hot, very sunny and very windy.…read more
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This is a continuation of Raya part one, find it here... One morning Raya texted her long-time friend, Mona "hey dear" "Hi girl, you so lost" "Ah, Mo haven't you missed me?" "I have, but I know you're in school. And you rarely text me when you are there. As if you are studying in the moon. (This is an…read more


My birthday usually comes in the first quarter of the year. In the tribute of my 2018, I listed some goals that I wanted to achieve this year, mentioning my failures and lessons of last year. When we fail, we never really give up or hate the process. We may take a break, or sometimes change the way we do…read more


If you are a regular here, there are two posts I want to refer you to. and . A tribute to my 2017 talks about how my 2017 was and chapter 24 talks about the lessons I learned in the 24 years I've lived in this world. This year, I want to talk about resolutions and goals but…read more
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Obsession 2.

"A kid? so he's been dating all this long? No, and staying with the lady too? Well. I think I should back off before I ruin someone's home. After all, I've never met him" This one made my morning very heavy. I thought this was all over. That I do not have a boyfriend anymore and I have no business…read more
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Have I ever told you how I held on to a falling branch of a tree until it was three quarters broken? Ouh I did. You'd say I was quite silly, but I didn't learn my lesson yet. So I held on to a Moha for that long. Long enough to make his wife plead with me to leave him,…read more
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When the sun sank, Sumaya started waking her up. She had been calling her name for like twenty minutes now. Raya was not even close to opening her eyes, unusually. Sumaya started getting worried but the only positive thing was that Raya was still breathing. She slept at 2pm and instructed Sumaya to wake her up at 5pm so that…read more


The month that I was born is over. My birthday was on 6April and I couldn't just post this. Today AlhamduliLlah, I am twenty four years and I would love to share twenty four lessons I have leant in those years. Majorly, most of the lessons I experienced Last year and I realised I have they were all tests and…read more
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The knock on the door really scared my nerves out coz I was all alone in the house and wasn't expecting anyone that moment. It was 3:30pm. I had woken up early that Sunday despite having sleeping late on Saturday night. I could not sleep anymore after 5:30 am I kept twisting and turning on the bed till I finally…read more