As a feminist, i decided that on valentines i would take you out for dinner, maybe surprise you or cook you your best meal. I would call you at 5pm and ask you to stay indoors, that there is an attack in the neighborhood and you SHOULD NOT go out. Just because you always say you care, i knew you'll…read more
Short story

Obsession 2.

"A kid? so he's been dating all this long? No, and staying with the lady too? Well. I think I should back off before I ruin someone's home. After all, I've never met him" This one made my morning very heavy. I thought this was all over. That I do not have a boyfriend anymore and I have no business…read more
Short story


Have I ever told you how I held on to a falling branch of a tree until it was three quarters broken? Ouh I did. You'd say I was quite silly, but I didn't learn my lesson yet. So I held on to a Moha for that long. Long enough to make his wife plead with me to leave him,…read more
Short story


The knock on the door really scared my nerves out coz I was all alone in the house and wasn't expecting anyone that moment. It was 3:30pm. I had woken up early that Sunday despite having sleeping late on Saturday night. I could not sleep anymore after 5:30 am I kept twisting and turning on the bed till I finally…read more
Short story


The following day I went to work wearing black lipstick and caught everyone's attention. My phone was obviously off and Nisa was worried. When she came, she started joking "you look like a gypsy in that lippy" then laughed out louder than her usual self expecting me to laugh along. She noticed the silence and looked directly into my eyes.…read more
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It is finally eid and we say AlhamduliLlah for witnessing yet another moment of celebration which only comes once.  It is two days past eid and it is not too late to share with you my thoughts about Eid . Many people pray to see it but their fate doesn't take get them here. The few of us who witness it…read more


​Immediately the wedding ended, All smiles and giggles gradually faded, Older women moved in groups, Looking at me in sympathy as if i was a step child Older men came to me with a fake energy congrating me for the action My agemates, men and women looked puzzled as if they wanted to ask whether  i'm serious or not. I…read more