If you have noticed, this is a new category. I have added a new page to introduce my new life update. It is that big right? I know. The third quarter began this month and we realize this is the only time we need to check up on our annual goals and make sure we  have achieved at least a half of them. If you haven’t yet, you should have done something instead. By the beginning of the last quarter, you need to be somewhere. It is okay not to have achieved them all, it is okay to have diverted to a new whole of other goals. You cannot have wasted a whole year. So, where are you in your goals?

Recently,(two months ago) I was featured in , people’s category. If you haven’t seen it, here and get to know more about me. I feel like this one really opened my eyes in many ways. I remember sending in the email immediately the interview was brought to me and it was nothing more than 500 words. Jammy (the author) then told me “hey, this is so short, remember you are talking about yourself, you are marketing yourself this is a very wide platform and it is your time to shine” and i realized i had an impostor syndrome. Few days later, i met Dija of google at an event and she reminded me that #IamRemarkable. This one pulled me to another higher level. She reminded me that I have to echo out my achievements by the statement, If it is true, it is not bragging. In the #lifeinmombasa interview I  mentioned few things that i wanted to achieve or things i plan on doing before the end of the year and this is one of them. I am introducing a store, an online store where i will be selling either thrift-ed clothes or clothes that have been used, to be reused.


Today, 31st of July, i present my first batch of modest clothes to be thrift-ed. These are clothes that I have either worn once or twice and others i haven’t yet. Everything will go for anything below a thousand shillings. Kindly do not confuse modesty with religion. These cloths are for everyone even those who always wear micro mini. If you feel like you like my maxi dress for Christmas/eid you are welcome. If you feel like the kimono cannot take you to the mosque/meeting, let someone else purchase it. My main Instagram page is, though i have another page where i have been sharing few creative ideas and sales. Last year i started the gift basket initiative and it picked up well. It is still working offline though i failed in online presence. Forgive my social media team. This is where i will be posting the clothes for sale. I will be posting every Thursday on this site and call it #thriftythursday. I will not be selling the clothes on this site yet, but on instagram Kindly follow the page. I promise i will be consistent.

Finally, i wish to welcome everyone who has stuff &/clothes to sell online, and would like to market them through the page. I will be glad to share them. We will use the hashtag #modestthrift and there will be no payment whatsoever. This is an open platform for the few people who have reached out to me and it is my way of giving back to the community. Just note, It will not be a shout out to other businesses, just individuals with clothes to sell. Thank you.



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